Embrace the clouds you love

Effortless encryption for private data in public clouds

Regain control of your data

Cloud applications have reshaped the way we work, as well as the notions of Data Ownership and Sovereignty.
Tanker allows businesses that integrated cloud services into their workflows, to take back full ownership of their data.

Our end-to- end encryption layer turns Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive into bulletproof and trustworthy workspaces, only accessible with your exclusive keys, ensuring your cloud-stored data total protection and privacy.

Thereby “privatizing” your public cloud, Tanker lets your organization benefit from its wonderful infrastructure and performance.

Engineered for
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Security and Simplicity are inseparable

Our biggest challenge was to add sophisticated cryptography on top of the most user-friendly services, without interfering with the great user experience that made them so successful in the first place.

Fully intuitive and user-focused, Tanker is designed to work in harmony with your favourite applications.

Simply install Tanker and keep exchanging files with internal and external collaborators the way you did before, your data is now 100% yours.

Cutting-edge security

More and more businesses are adopting Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive to collaborate and synchronize their files.
Tanker offers encryption and integrity without getting in the way - it simply plugs into your favorite cloud solution and adds those missing security features you’ve been wanting.

Working as a full end-to- end endpoint encryption software, Tanker assigns users a private encryption key, securely stored on their personal device.
Each files travel with a public key, and can only be deciphered with the targeted user’s private key.

Our seamless, impenetrable and worry-free data encryption keeps your business moving forward.

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