About us

We bring back full data ownership to cloud users
without impacting their beloved user experience

Our vision

As more and more companies migrate their business apps to the cloud for more usability and scalability, protecting data is an ever-growing concern.
At Tanker we think user-owned encryption key is the key for mass cloud adoption.

Our aim is to secure the most popular cloud applications against cyber threats, to provide peace of mind to millions of businesses worldwide when it comes to their privacy and data governance.

We work hard to demystify cybersec, by reconciling security and ease of use. Security should be an asset to your business, rather than a burden.

Who We Are

We are a French technology company that specializes in cryptography.

Behind Tanker is a team with strong product and Tech DNA. Our people helped build products such as ClicRDV, FrontApp, Socloz, Aldebaran and Dashlane.

Headquartered in Paris, we are backed by security experts from the French Ministry of Defense and ENS Ulm Crypto Lab.


We have found ourselves quickly addicted to great tools such as Dropbox or Office 365 that make our lives easier.
Our data has fast become scattered across the Internet.

Historical security players’ complex solutions no longer meet the needs of modern businesses like ours, with unstructured networks and hackable connected devices.

A strong, seamless and affordable product giving back control to companies over their data was missing.

Scientific Committee

Protecting your data is our highest concern and it is a challenging mission.
We surrounded ourselves with the best people for the job.

Rémi Géraud

Houda Ferradi

Philippe Baumard

David Naccache

Nadim Kobeissi

Houda Ferradi

Houda Ferradi received a Doctorate in Cryptograpy and Computer Security from the Ecole normale supérieure's Computer Science Department. Lecturer at Panthéon-Assas University, Paris 13 University and Ecole normale superieure, she has a substantial industrial and consulting experience in security. Her research interests mainly include Privacy and Integrity in the Cloud as well as cryptographic hardware and embedded systems.

"We are pleased to share our cryptographic skills with the Tanker team to enable them to reconcile in a pragmatic way security and simplicity, academic knowledge and everyday product."

Philippe Baumard

Philippe Baumard is Professor and co-Director of the Master Degree in Criminal Sciences at the Cnam, Dean of Research of Eslsca Business School, School of Economic Warfare and Professor, Associate Researcher, with Ecole Polytechnique. Dr. Baumard pioneered works on information and cyber-warfare in the early 1990s, noticeably with his “From Info-War to Knowledge- Warfare, he was elected President of the Scientific Council of the High Council for Strategic Research.

"While instant messaging encryption is becoming increasingly widespread, it is a difficult challenge for the Tanker team to seamlessly encrypt from end to end the cloud collaboration solutions which ease of use made them such a success."

David Naccache

David Naccache heads the ENS' Information Security Group. His research areas are code security, forensics, the automated and the manual detection of vulnerabilities. Before joining ENS Paris (PSL) he was a professor during 10 years at UP2 (Sorbonne Universités). He is a forensic expert with several courts, a member of OSCP and the incumbant of the Law and IT forensics chair at EOGN.

"Tanker is an innovating French start-up who strives to develop tools allowing users protect their privacy in the cloud. Tanker integrates cutting edge algorithms in a coherent way and offers a very complete range of security products "

Nadim Kobeissi

Nadim Kobeissi is a Ph.D. student at INRIA Paris focusing on applied cryptography and formal verification. He is the founder of Symbolic Software, an applied cryptography software and consulting firm. He is known for authoring the Cryptocat encrypted chat software.

« Allowing teams to quickly enforce security guarantees on their cloud file accounts is important, and I’m encouraged by the approach Tanker is taking to this problem. »

Rémi Géraud

Rémi Géraud is a researcher and expert in cryptology and security, he is also a member of the Ecole Normale Supérieure’s Information Security Lab. He is responsible for the Information Security course, for 3rd years, at the École Centrale de Paris (now called Centrale Supélec) since 2014-2015.

"What makes this project stand out from others is further than the necessary protection of data, Tanker aims to integrate in a transparent manner new and original security solutions. This alliance between innovation, flexibility and security is a unique and necessary asset."